Sunday, December 20, 2009

Many fine things can be done in a day

This is not one of them.

I've made tote bags similar to this before, including the one that I carry almost everyday, but this one was causing me so much stress that I kept putting it to the side to finish other projects instead.  Even so, I'm really psyched about the way this turned out.  I'm having such a problem letting it go that I see a olive green linen and brown gingham sibling in my future.  I love the way it looks, I love that it's really roomy but doesn't look like a massive suitcase and I love the way the pleats make it look a little bit more interesting than just a plain tote.  I've got to say, though, making a bag this big and this pleated with slippery, wrinkle prone linen made me say bad words more than I'd like to admit.

I picked an oyster linen out for this one because it's a Christmas gift for my pickiest cousin and even though I've got a stash full of some really proper fabrics, I just know I'd never pick the right print.  I really like the simplicity of the linen though, and it makes it look a lot more sophisticated (snort) BUT! I did sneak these orange polka dots in as the lining, because there had to be just a little bit of livelihood. 

Before this one gets wrapped up it's definitely due for a short wash and steam to get rid of the wrinkles.  I was just so excited that it was finally done that I had to get it up right away! 


  1. I sure hope your cousin like it. I think it looks fantastic and wouldn't mind having a try at one myself (sucker for punishment maybe?). Did you use a pattern or design it yourself?
    Have a wonderful Christmas
    xx Bec.

  2. I took a bag I already have, flipped it sideways, traced it and pleated it. When I make the green one I'll take in progress photos.

  3. OMG...I was laughing at this posting as I stress out SOOOO much with the fabric picks and the person and the correctness get the picture. I wish I could just MAKE them something without worrying about if the recipient likes it (esp for those more particular daughter??? haha).

    But you did good, and the little bit of funky will make you happy with it and probably not too much for your cousin. You should have seen the fits an APRON was giving me!!! it was an artsy one, but gee whiz! it's just an apron and I was so worried about picking the right fabrics and trims and.....



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