Thursday, February 11, 2010

February 8-10: Tea towel apron

I've had My Spare Time in my Google Reader for awhile, and even though I've noticed this tutorial before, I've never tried it.

I've also had this tea towel in my linen closet (since 2006, apparently) but it doesn't get much use because the colors don't fit my kitchen and there is a big stain on the front.  (No, I'm not sure why I kept an unmatching and stained towel, either, but I'm glad I did.)

The hardest part of making this apron was trying to iron the wrinkles out of a 100% linen tea towel that's been wadded up in a closet for I-don't-even-know-how long.  As you can see, I wasn't totally successful, but I wanted to just get sewing already!

I love the end result of this tutorial.  The design of the towel worked perfectly and gave me a great border on the bottom of the apron, and the stain is caught under the rick rack and the fold, so I won't even be embarassed to show this one off.  The only modification I made was that I didn't sew three equal pockets, but made one large and two smaller pockets instead.

I also tried to take my first camera in the mirror shot of myself wearing the apron.

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