Saturday, February 20, 2010

February 18-21: Patchwork drawstring bag

Since I'm going out of town this weekend I was going to cut major corners on this project and just show pictures of other bags I've got laying around, but the casing instructions on this bag were different than any I've made before, so I decided to give it a try. 

The original is over at Pink Penguin.  The casing pieces are folded in half and then attached to the bag after the outer bag pieces are already sewn together.  It's a pretty easy way to do a casing on a patchwork bag, but I think I like for the drawstring to cinch an inch or do down on the bag instead of right at the top.  I really like this one, though, so I might come around.

I cut 3 inch squares instead of 2.5 and only made three rows instead of four.  I also cut all of the squares without a ruler (!!!) while I was watching television.  Sure, my seams are wonky, and the patches don't line up perfect, but it made cutting go a lot faster, and from cut to complete this bag only took about a half hour. 

This would be a perfect size bag for toting make-up and other girly things on my trip this weekend, but the liquid restrictions are back in full force, so it's quart a sized ZipLoc for me. 


  1. Cute projects! I have been on a bag kick lately, and working on finding ideas for Christmas gifts. Thanks for adding some inspiration!!



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