Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My one and only (sort of) quilt

I've totally slacked on not only updating, but on actually making things.  I really hate it, not even not being able to post, but being able to hang out and relax by the sewing machine.  Problem is, not that the Internet much cares about the details, my sewing machine is at home, and home...home sucks right now. 

I've made a few quick projects here and there, but still on my camera card are pictures of this (wannabe) quilt that I put together for my favorite baby's first birthday.  Every single piece came out of the remnant bin at Jo-Ann, and probably didn't cost $10 to make.  I did it that was because I'd never tried to quilt before, and if I either failed or gave up I didn't want to be mad that I forked over all kinds of cash. 

The backing is a super soft minkee-type white fabric (remnant bin...I didn't purposely make a solid white backed quilt for a baby), and the rest are mysteries.  The quilting is solid lines stitched (as close to) in the ditch (as I could get it).  The binding is machine stitched. 

You cannot see photos of the back of the quilt because I'd rather not remember it.  Total puckersville.  Thankfully, the minkee was pretty scrunchy, and by the time I washed and dried it it was decently camouflaged.   

I haven't tried to quilt since, and I'm afraid to try anything bigger.  I finished this one in about three days and by the time I was done it was cozy and heavy and soft and crinkly and I know that once I get up my courage and am back in a peaceful place, I'll give it another try. 

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  1. it's so cute! i love the colors... great job! lora


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