Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sometimes we should embrace the fray

I'm heading up north this weekend for a friends mini-reunion, and one of the girls will be running in a charity fun run.  This is a charity that's pretty near and dear to her, and helped her with some problems in the past, so I wanted to get a Congratulations card.  Congrats on finishing the foot race, and for getting across the finish line and tackling her problem head on.

I'm leaving early tomorrow morning, and remembered at...oh, about 9:00 tonight that I wanted to come bearing swag.  I 'made' a 'card' by folding a piece of pretty cardstock and writing a note inside, and jumped at the chance to sit at the sewing machine to fashion up a little bagvelope.  That's right.  Bag + envelope.

There are no frills associated with the bagvelope.  Not even one.  No lining, just french seams on one side and the bottom.  No pressing or folding of the patch on the front.  I even pulled some strings to encourage a bit of fraying.  Somewhere around here I've got a sharpie and I'll write her name on the front.  Even the top is cut parallel to the selvedge so there was no casing, no pressing, no measuring, no anything at all.  Solid linen, scrap silk and the thread that was already in my machine.

Best five minutes of my day.

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