Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 1-3: Matryoshka doll pocket pillow

Until the last minute I thought this matryoshka doll pillow by Lauren Brandy was this weekends project.  Luckily, she sews up really fast, so I'm still on schedule!  I think the trickiest part was typing matryoshka right.  (For the record, I typed it matryoski twice in a row.  At least I'm consistent.)

Plus, she's absolutely adorable.  (As is the rest of Lauren's googy-goody handmade blog.  I was totally wowed while I was getting the link above.  She zoomed right into my reader.)  I know there is another tooth pillow later in the calendar, and I know some twins who are at prime tooth-loosing age, so this girl and her fellow pillow fella will be on their way over there pretty soon.

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