Thursday, September 10, 2009

Choo choo! Stitch stitch!

I've had so much fun making bags for my trip that I (almost) forgot that before I get to birthday party it up, I have to spend FIVE HOURS on a train!  I've spent a few hours madly downloading episodes of Dexter to my iPod (and mere minutes bummed that True Blood costs so much on iTunes meaning I'm STILL not going to know what the world is buzzing about) and throwing books in my tote bag.

Given my sewing indulgences the past few days, I was afraid of going through withdrawl without my sewing machine, and wished there was a magical way to sneak it onto the train so that I could stitch away.

See?  I love how sewing relaxes me, and I love seeing how a new project turns out, but I've always been about 98% machine, with a little whipstitching and button attaching by hand. 

I repeat, I am NOT a handsewer.  Yet.

I was at Joann's today using a coupon at the last minute, and Sublime Stitching caught my eye.  Of course, I've seen Jenny Hart's patterns and stories everywhere, but, I'm just not a handsewer so I'd read them and keep scootin'.  Then, last month, Sew, Mama, Sew! hosted Hand Sewing Month and my interest was a little bit spiked, but I didn't print the samplers, or read many directions or put a lot of faith in my ability.
Then I remembered I'd be on a train for five hours.  Both ways.  That's ten hours of nothing but time to learn some hand embroidery.  I fished out my coupon, found a supply list in the book, grabbed thread (ahem.  floss, per page 11), a hoop and some muslin.  I precut some pieces and tranferred a few of the designs and made room for the book in my tote. 
I even pre-hooped the Stitching Lesson transfer.  Maybe by the time I get home I will be a handsewer!

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  1. I've been toying with getting that book, too. After reading this post, I think I might just have to grab my "40% off one regular priced item" coupon and head up to Joann's. I'm amazed with what people can create with embroidery but have just been too chicken to try it myself.


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