Wednesday, September 30, 2009

American Sewing Expo - Trim

Two days ago I woke up, freezing cold thanks to Michigan's fall making such a grand entrance, and jumped out of bed to take a hot shower.  And as quickly as I stood up, I hit the ground like a pile of bricks.  I'll say this to all of those who I might have not taken seriously in the past:  Back Pain Is NO JOKE.

Like the true savvy, independant chick that I am, I smiled throught the pain grabbed my phone and laid in bed until my mommy came to the rescue me and helped me hobble to the Urgent Care. 

It was all very glamourous, my day.  Now, from my sick bed, I've got the upper body strength (read: muscle relaxers) to sit up and show you the freaking sweet trim that I snagged at the American Sewing Expo. 

I had just spent last Friday browsing Etsy shops and saw this fabulous cotton trim with script from a love letter printed on it.  It was pricey, and shipped from Japan, so I admired and kept on clickin'.  Imagine my glee when I saw almost AN ENTIRE BOOTH OF COTTON AND LINEN trim the sewing expo. 

The company was Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods, and they were stocked to the rafters with some of the best trim, tape, rick rack, buttons and patches that I've ever seen.  Visit this site.  Everyday.

Nevermind that I don't know any sweet baby girls, and the only sweet baby boy I have regular contact with is no longer interested the cutesy phase this trim fits into, I'll find some reason to use these. 

I'll find some reason to use them all!  (As soon as I can manage to sit up unassisted.)

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