Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Mommy Bag

A good friend of my roommate had her first baby a few weeks ago.  Before he was born, M. asked my to make a bag for the new mommy.  She specified that she didn't want a diaper bag, she wanted a mommy bag.  She planned to fill it with slippers, makeup, lotions and other pampering type things.  I'm still arguing that for a new mom any and every bag is a diaper bag, but, I do as I'm told.

I was given the freedom to choose the fabric and the bag style, it just had to be big enough to hold a lot of diapers pampering stuff.  I went shopping with only two requirements: that the fabric be machine washable, and, even though it was a mommy bag, I knew she'd get an awful lot of blue stuff for the baby so I wanted the fabric to not be too girly, but still feminine. 

The color is a soft green, with tiny leaves that give a hint of a floral print.  I was really happy with how the bag turned out.  So much so that I reused the measurements and made one for myself.

I got the fabric (both prints) for this during my first ever trip to Hobby Lobby.  Both bags have an interior zipper pocket, they're about 15" tall, 11"wide and 3"deep and I interfaced the hell out of 'em.  The mommy bag is home dec, and mine is quilting cotton.  AND!, mine is an awfully lively and cheery print, which I may have chosen because I'm in total denial about the 52 degree weather outside. 

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  1. That is a great pattern for a Mummy bag - you've picked lovely fabric too.


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