Monday, October 5, 2009

The Fat Sack

My aunt (the same one who dressed the dolls) came through with another request.  A 'green bag'.  Her company is asked different departments to donate prize packs to be auctioned off with proceeds going to charity.  And, no!, of course I don't remember which one...

She came up with a Go Green theme for her department's donation and asked for a reusable market/grocery/tote bag.  I decided to use the Fat Sack tutorial on Terry Atkinson's blog.  It's such a great tote, for all of the same reasons she writes on her own blog.  It's easily folded away, it smaller than some gargantuan bags that are too heavy once you fill them, it has a wide and flat bottom and also it's very cute. 

The w-pleat on the bottom is a nice break from the traditional boxed corners, and also makes it fold in very nicely when not packed full of goodies.

I first found out about this bag after overhearing a conversation at my local quilt shop, which is also where I got this fabric.  I didn't buy it with this bag in mind, but once I saw it in my stash I knew this was the project it was made for (I also got it in a white colorway).   It's a little stiffer than a standard quilting weight, but much thinner than a home decor fabric.  Still, it lent itself nicely.

They've got a whole slew of green-y and organic type products to fill up the bag before the auction.  I hope someone goes home happy (and enviromentally aware) with their prize!

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