Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 4: Pressure's on

I'm particpating in Blogtoberfest and I'd feel like a total-super-mega failure if I gave up on Day 4.  Four days in and you're already throwing it in? 

Not me.

Sunday is usually a day that I would post much anyhow, plus I've had a particularly trying day, so I'll placate the Internet by posting this picture of two sets of patchworked charm squares that will eventually become part of a Christmas present.  They're all from Moda's Blossom line, which I think is by Urban Chiks, and I also think isn't in print anymore.  I've had them around for awhile.

It's kind of in an experimental stage.  Pretty soon it will tell me what it wants to become.

I'll do better on Day 5.  Maybe.

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