Monday, October 12, 2009

Charm square mini tote

While I was sewing the other day I was listening to the CraftyPod episode called Crafting Japanese.  I visited the website and, even though I had listened to the entire podcast, was still disappointed to see that all of the books on the site weren't just about Japanese crafts, but actually Japanese. 

Pretty pictures, though.  Including some of the cutest little drawstring baggies that I just knew I had to try.  The drawstring channel is just loops of ribbon or tape, meaning that the actual cord is really visible and not hidden by the casing. 

The bags looked pretty much like fabric boxes without any stabilizer, so that was the assembly route I took.  Attempt 1 was the purple bag and Attempt 2 was the green one.  The sides are all precut charms (Eva by Basic Grey for Moda), so they're about 5" square.

What I love about the loops for the drawstring is that it'll give me a chance to show off some of that amazing trim that I got at the Sewing Expo.  Will that not make the best casings and ties?  A pretty pink bag with that super sweet baby girl tape?  Next I want to make one from Sweetwater's new line, Authentic, with the alphabet tape.  Swoon.

Oh!  And look what managed to make an appearance as the lining of the green bag?

The never ending thrifted sheet!  I'm going to be so sad when I use up the last of this one.

(P.S. I've got plans for one of these bags coming up soon.  Stay tuned...)   It's a giveaway!  Comment on the giveaway post to enter.

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