Friday, September 25, 2009

Lickety Split

I often buy fabric on a whim.  I try my best to think of a project that it will be used for, but most often, I see something I love and I just grab it.  (Especially if it's on sale.)

This past weekend, I went to Joann on a mission.  I was armed with a pamphlet full of coupons, and I wanted to make a Lickety Split bag (designed, of course, buy the fabulous Rae).  I've made a few of these bags as gifts and commissioned by friends and finally decided it was time to have one of my own. 

I'm in an orange phase (I suspect it to be my fall color of choice) and though I do not usually fall deep in love with Joann fabrics, this time I was lucky enough to find two.  I'm still not 100% that they actually fit with each other, but I loved them both so much that I decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it. 

I modified the pattern a bit by taking two inches off the handle (I don't like bags to hit to far down my hip/thigh) and didn't add any rick-rack to the pockets (because, well, Grey's Anatomy was starting) but did toss in a decorative stitch on the top just for kicks.  I used no interfacing because I wanted a bag that could be folded, wadded, stuffed and was still large enough to hold a good amount of loot.  This bag is about 9.5" by 15", so it definitely holds loot. 

I think I'll use this side predominately, since, you know, it's got that orange.  Joann also had this print in a gorgeous brown/green colorway that I almost grabbed until I spied this.

This print is so vibrant that I couldn't help but want to use it in a bag.  It's full of great fall colors.

Kinda makes me want to take a little shopping trip and buy something to fill it!

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