Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Leaving. On a jet train.

I'm leaving for a birthday soiree (I had to google "party synonym" to learn the proper spelling of that word.  I could have used 'bash' or 'shindig', but I had my heart set on soiree) on Friday, and the oilcloth that I bought at Haberman's was trying to get my attention so that it could quietly remind me about the last time I put toiletries in my travel bag and they LEAKED ALL OVER MY CLOTHES.  And how my makeup brushes were soggy and ruined.  And how the inside of my bag smelled like spoiled Garnier, until I finally gave in and trashed it.

The oilcloth, it seems, was also reminding me that even if my stuff leaked this time, it was pretty much spill proof and that damage would be contained to a smaller area.

I made a bigger boxy bag, and then I remembered the brush catastrophe, so I threw all my wet beauty wares in the box bag, and then made a smaller flat bottom bag for brushes and dry goods.  Then, since I still had a little scrap left from my first cut (too small to save, to big to throw out!) I stitched up an even smaller zip pouch for my contacts and eye drops.  I really planned on mitering the corners, but it was getting awfully late and...well...oilcloth is hard to turn.

So that's that.  I was so proud of my new set that I had to take a second to remind myself that I'm only going to be gone for three days.  It's not even just the sewing that has me in a feverish rush to overpack, because I've also got enough clothes set aside to last me at least a week.

I think it's safe to say it's been waaaay too long since I've gone anywhere fun.  It's also safe to say that I just remembered I haven't packed any shoes, so I'll be up a little while longer tonight.


  1. Nice looking blog. Too bad about losing the other one, but maybe you'll like this one even better. I'd like to see more about your vintage machines.

  2. I already like this one even better. Having someone else host and code the blog is SO MUCH easier.

    My coworker told me the other day (she wasn't talking about the blog, but still...) without change, you can't have change. I love that!

    I'll bring out the two older girls next week. Whenever I turn them on, I lost track of time, and I can't afford to do that this week!


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