Monday, September 21, 2009

Material girl

I didn't get much sewing done this weekend, so much else was going on!

Browsing my Google Reader this afternoon and looking at everyone's wonderful creations really made me want to rush home and whip something up! 

There is a local nonprofit here in Detroit, Arts and Scraps, that uses, well, scraps, for educational craft products.  They've also got a little store full of castoffs from people and businesses and you can almost always snag something really great for a hugely discounted price.  This Saturday was the last day of a "3 Ton Fabric Sale".  I don't know if they really started off with three tons of fabric, but they still had quite a bit when I arrived at noon.  I snagged a HUGE amount of material --a full brown paper grocery sack-- for $5.


I got silk, cotton, knits, suitings, canvas, upholestry and a few mystery pieces.  It took me an hour to fold and iron them all when I got home, and I couldn't even fit the whole stack in my camera lens. 

None of the pieces are perfect squares, but plenty are big enough for bags and pouches, two pieces I've got skirt plans for, and some, like the gorgeous linen-like prints in the middle here, are begging to become pillows. 

I haven't cut into even one piece, yet.  I've been content to just look at the folded pile.

I've also but a ban on myself, that I will NOT.  BUY.  NEW.  FABRIC.  At least until the Sewing Expo in Novi, which is next weekend.  I'm a little nervous for my wallet, but I'm so excited for the Expo!

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