Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 11-13: Owl egg cozy

I was all set to cry about how this egg thing was the third project in a row that I didn't have much use for, but by the time I was done this little fella was so damn cute that it doesn't even matter that I'm still not really sure what an egg cozy is.

This project was the the owl egg cozy from LucyKate Crafts.

I've discerned that it is a sleeve to keep boiled eggs hot?  I'm used to eating boiled eggs cold (cut up in little pieces and covered in mayonaise, too, please...) so perhaps this is why I don't understand.  Right now he's magnetized to the fridge, and he looks pretty much at home, so I'd say that's where he's staying.

I followed this tutorial exactly as it was written, so not many changes to report.  Except for where I sewed his left wing on backward.  I thought, for at least a few seconds, about trekking back into the basement to get another scrap of material to make a new one and sew it on properly, but Big Bang Theory was on, there was pudding waiting to be eaten and...I didn't want to.  I think it looks like he's doing the walk-like-an-Egyptian dance, so I'm leaving it as it. 

PS.  This catches me up on the calendar projects.  Woot!  I'm excited for the next two projects, they're useful and cute.  Can't wait.

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  1. Maybe he's not useful, but he's cute! Turning him into a magnet is a great idea. I also think my 4 year old might put him to use as a finger puppet. Ah, the possibilities are endless! Great job on the owl.


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