Monday, January 11, 2010

January 7-10: Backseat car cover (turned office organizer)

The project for January 7-10 was, again, something that I just wouldn't get much use out of.  It's not that I don't have a messy car, because BOY DO I!, but I just couldn't picture myself actually placing my junk in pockets hanging on the back of my seat.  I do see the usefulness, though, and if I ever get the urge I can think of a few people that might really like one of these. 

Anyway.  Today's project was from The Mayfly and was her backseat car organizer.  Even though I didn't want to make an organizer to fit a whole seatback, I still wanted my version to at least resemble the original, so I just shrunk it.  I followed the pattern pretty much exactly, just in a much smaller format.  Again, this only took about a fat quarter so it was a total steal fabric-wise.

Pretend the calendar page is also in the photo, K?

Since I opted to have my mini-organizer hang on my cubicle wall, I didn't have to sew buttonholes on top, but I did attach little suede loops to hang on pushpins.  My lower pockets are about 4 inches tall, and the upper pen pocket is about two inches tall.  I opted for home dec weight fabric to give my organizer a little stability. 

Let's all see how long it lasts before this guy is filled with nothing but pen caps, expired receipts and old to-do lists.  I'm guessing about a week.   

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