Friday, January 29, 2010

January 25-27: Simple needle case

Oh, look.  A Wednesday project.  On a Friday.  How very, well, me...of me.

I've totally got an excuse good reason for being a bit late.  See, I have a stuffy nose.  And sore throat.  And itchy ears.  Also, I'm sick.  In all honesty, though, if I'd have taken the time to read what this project was, I would totally have made it while I was lazing around on my sickbed.  It didn't even take a full 15 minutes, cutting and pressing time included.  Given that the only felt I had on hand was green, it sure was lucky that I had a perfect size scrap leftover from this bag.

I made two small adjustments to this tutorial from Wink Designs.  The first was that I left out the trim that it supposed to encase the raw edge of the patterned fabric.  I think sometimes we are all a bit to 'fraid of a little fray.  I stitched about a 1/4" in away from the edge, pulled the few loose threads and the rest will fray up nicely until they get trapped by the stitched line.  I think it will look charming.  The second adjustment was to fold up the bottom half of the case (I didn't decide to do this until the last minute) to create a pocket.  This way I can store a few needles and pins on the felt patch, but keep other accoutrements in the pocket.  It wasn't in the original plan, but it suits me a bit better.

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